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This platform was created to simplify the process of donating fresh Produce to Children's Safe Houses, Educational Centres, NPO Feeding Schemes and similar Institutions. No matter what your budget, big or small, Jou Ma Se Veggies will deliver to the beneficiary absolutely FREE. If you have a heart, and would like to donate, please place your order on this website, and we will be in contact with you! We thank you for your kindness and being part of change. Let build a better future together.

Alison Alexander

House Mother / Project Manager

Alison Alexander is the Guardian and Primary Care Giver at Rainbow of Hope. She began her career as a pre primary School teacher but her pasion to make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected children saw her taking a different path and opening her own home to those in the community who so desperately needed her. Rainbow of Hope opened years later, after her own home could no longer accommodate the ever increasing number of children in need. Alisons pasion, empathy and die-hard determination has been the reason for many young lives being turned around forever. In 2009 Alison received the Feather Award from the Female Tribe and First for Woman Insurance Brokers in Gauteng and in 2010 she was presented with the Impact award from the Baptist Union. Alison went on to be nominated for the Lions "Hero of the Year Award" in 2011 and in 2012 won their Louis Volks Humanitarian award for her incredible accomplishments with Rainbow of Hope and her dedication to her Community. In 2019/2020 Alison were also presented with the Norman Bernstein Memorial Award, Lion of the year. In 2017 she won the Hero of the Month award from Pick and Pay.

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Mala Maitri Makan

Educare Principal

The Children of Light Educare(COLT) is a relatively new early childhood development centre (ECD) with a passion for the education of children between the ages of 3 – 6 years old. Its direct beneficiaries are children from 3 poor socio-economic settings in the Athlone area. COLT supports the notion that to ‘educate’ means to ‘bring out’. The philosophy of the school is to create a nurturing and loving space for children to grow, learn and explore through play, thus enabling them to be happy. Integral Yoga forms the foundation of COLT’s value-based curriculum. The Educare motto; serve, love, focus, learn is woven into the language, the daily programme activities, and most importantly lived out by the principal and teachers of the school whom the children see as their role models. Our aim is to make meaningful and long-term changes to an individual which will undoubtedly create a ripple effect. COLT is a non-profit organisation founded in 2015. Click on the following link to visit the COLT website

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Noleen Francis


Who We Are: We are a Christian group of family and friends that are passionate about Community Development and giving back dignity to poverty stricken families. Where we come from: We come from various poor environments and have struggled to make ends meet. We aspire to help communities in this regard. What we do: We aim to provide community Development Services and Anti - Poverty Initiatives including: - Promote principles for healthy living - Provide Training - Creating awareness of the needs of community - Educating the community about poverty - Provision of poverty relief services - Promoting community based projects. Where we do it: We started the Initiative in the Delft area and currently operate from Tafelsig, Mitchell's Plain. We would like to expand throughout the whole of Cape Town. Future Endeavours: Our near future goal is to set up a stable structure whereby community can access our project services on a daily basis. Our long term goal is to expand our unique brand and module throughout Cape Town onwards. We appreciate any donation and thank you for your kind heart.

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Jacoba Hamman


Walk the Talk was founded in April during the Covid 19 pandemic. The foundation of WTT was already born in the mind of our founder, Jacoba Hamman 3 years ago. Due to circumstances, she could not fulfill her dream of starting a Non profit organization and put it aside. When covid -19 hit South Africa, we knew we had to act we saw the mass hunger situation we are sitting with. With only a group of four ladies, 2 pots and a two plate gas stove , WTT, was born. WTT are currently situated in Bishop Lavis, Cape town. ( South Africa )Our vision and mission is to fight against against poverty, by way of sharing meals with our community, upskilling our women and youth, and creating sustainable solutions to curb hunger. We the people take care of our people consistently and without fail. Our people depend on us to find a way and deliver consistently. We shall never tire because we are amongst our people. We share the same heart beat, issues and needs. Some view us as poor, helpless and voiceless but little do they know the intangible wealth we have amongst us, the immense self sacrifices we make through our inner strength and compassion, the strong voice we have through our actions. We are rich in our diversity and strength. Although we thank our government and acknowledge their assistance towards grant payouts, those grants are just not enough to sustain our people for a whole month. Our people's food insecurity is deepening. We are one community bounded by humanity. And if we all remember that we are all human regardless of our beliefs or social status we all have the very same needs of which food, water and shelter is the most important. Food is more than just something to eat, it is our culture and binds us as families and communities. As a community based organization this is a huge task and thus far we have been blessed with donations from our residents, friends and families, thus we would like to thank each and everyone for believing in us ! Our people know they can depend on us for a decent meal because we only serve quality food we will serve to our families. We thank each and everyone for their assistance and donations, especially committee volunteers and feeding scheme teams. We feel and appreciate the love and commitment to our cause and community.

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How to Donate imageHow to Donate imageHow to Donate image
How to Donate

1. Click on the Institution you would like to bless.
2. Decide which items fits your budget and add them to the cart.
3. Complete your order on Jou Ma Se Veggies website. No matter how big or small the donation, we will deliver.
4. Insert your own address for the shipping address. We will be able to track the intended beneficiary on the stock codes.
4. Do not pay yet. Only pay after you have received the invoice.
4. We will be in contact with you regarding your donation / order.
5. We will Whatsapp or email you an invoice for EFT payment. Our banking details is available on the invoice. The invoice will also be sent to the relevant beneficiary, so they can keep a copy and you can follow up on the delivery should you wish to do so. Either with Jou Ma Se Veggies, or with the beneficiary.
6. Once your payment reflects on our bank statement, we will deliver.
7. Deliveries will be scheduled for either Saturday, or Monday.

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Pls note.  Deliveries will only commence when your payment reflects on our bank statement.  Unfortunately we can only accept EFT payments at the present time.  We are working on a payment gateway.

At Jou Ma Se Veggies we believe in a better future for Humanity.  We believe a better tomorrow can be accomplished by taking hands and working together.  Jou Ma Se Veggies created this platform, to make it is possible for the public and anybody with a heart, to donate fresh produce to our NPO's, Children's safe houses, and feeding schemes.  These Institutions relies solely on donations, so every little bit is appreciated and helps towards the end goal.

No matter how big or small your budget, we will deliver to the receiving beneficiary absolutely FREE. If you can afford only R30, and you have a willing heart, we will deliver.

Each beneficiaries page are set up with some basic items of produce that they need on a continual basis. The very basics. We ask that you share our website link with all your loved ones, groups and communities.

A big percentage of our purchasing is done from local farms, so as an added bonus, you get to support our farmers too!

If you are an NPO / Children's Safe House in need of assistance, kindly contact us on email regarding a spot on our website.

Jou Ma Se Veggies is a registered Essential Services provider (see certificate attached),

  • Cape Town
  • Brackenfell

Kindly contact us on Whatsapp or email. We will respond soonest.